Friday, March 10, 2006

Stuck in the Mud

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On Monday night, I flew to Nairobi for a short safari (journey). I had to meet a team from upstate NY, and decided to go early to take care of some business - applying for a new American tourist visa for an upcoming journey, among other things.

The new American embassy in Nairobi is collossal! In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if it's one of the biggest buildings in Kenya, and the building with the strictest security measures.

Non-Americans have to park blocks away and then pass through several security screenings. It's understandable, seeing that Bin Laden bombed the previous embassy, which was downtown.

It took me 30 minutes to get into the building for my appointment. Two hours later, I was called to the window for an interview, and was granted a 10-year tourist visa. Yeah God!

I also had to do things in the city like get a hair cut, go and buy 3,000 copies of the Gospel of John for an upcoming outreach event, pick up various supplies for orphanage repairs which will be done by a visiting team.

I even got to go and see a movie one evening!

This may be no big deal to you, but if you enjoy movies and the nearest movie theater is a 7-hour drive from you, then you cherish every moment of the movie! I saw Memoirs of a Geisha and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a sad lifestyle, though...

I had to smile at myself for really enjoying driving in Nairobi! It almost felt like I was back in Taipei traffic. (I was able to use a vehicle belonging to Africa Inland Mission as I was staying in their guest house.)

Met the team last night, and it took us 9 hours to drive back to Eldoret today. There was NO WAY their bus would've made it on our muddy roads for the last stretch of the journey, so we were met by coworkers who transfered all the luggage and people. Then we hit the muddy road.

All went well until we passed a neighbor who had set out on the road in a little sedan. Her car slid in the mud, took out a fence post and was stuck under the barbed wire fence.

Fortunately, we had 9 men with us to help her get unstuck, and David Kosgey--the one Kenyan with the reputation for never having gotten stuck on our road--drove her home. Since David had to drive the neighbor's car, I got to drive the rest of the way, slipping and sliding. (I think I should put Simon & Garfunkel's song in the car and play that when I drive our muddy road...)

Anyway, the team's here safely. I have a ton to do before our morning devotion, but at least wanted to get an update on the blog again for a change.

It's good to be back in my place and hear the sound of the rain on the roof.

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