Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm in my house!

My bed
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Today, I moved. I'm totally exhausted right now, but wanted to be sure to upload a few pictures. My favorite part of the house, I think, is my bed. Here, you typically buy a bed (frame) from carpenters on the side of the road. Tobias (the building contracter) told me Patrick (the carpenter) can build me a better bed for less money. And in the process, I was able to design the bed myself. I wanted a frame like this so I could drape the mosquito net over the bed rather than suspend it from the ceiling.

The quilt was a gift from a group of ladies as my home church in Iowa. I chose the colors of the room based on the quilt. (Thanks, ladies!)

Friends gave me the mosquito net for Christmas. I like that I'm able to open the net during the day.

Tomorrow, I'll take more photos of the house as it is now. I just want to get a few things on the walls and see if I can do something about my curtains. (I have temporary curtains up, don't worry. I'm not staying in a curtainless home...)

But now, I have to go and finish up a last few things and head to bed.

It rained HARD this evening, so right now all the dudus (bugs) outside are singing praises.

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  1. Adele your house looks great! You must be so excited to move in. I look forward to seeing the finished product.