Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wondering, again

Though there are far more complex issues to wonder about, tonight, there's merely one simple question on my mind:

Why is it that Flannel sleeps all evening while I'm at work, and the moment I lower my mosquito net and get into bed, she starts playing?

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  1. Adele,

    This is an easy one--cats are nocturnal--born and programmed to prowl and hunt at night!

    In college, mine would spend the nights chasing mice around my apartment! Then she would crawl up under the covers at the bottom of the bed and play with my feet when she figured it was time for me to get up. If that didn't work, she's work her way up under the covers and lay against my face, nuzzling me until I moved. Then she would cats are awesomely creative...

    The first time she was in my apartment by herself, she crapped in the bathtub, and hopped up on the sink to swat the faucet until it dripped fresh water... She would only eat Purina cat chow--little x's--she would hold one in her paw and chew... Amazing talents!