Sunday, October 21, 2007

What you wouldn't do to watch a game...

So there we were, driving in the boonies, trying to find Hudson's home. Cosmas was our guide, but he had never driven to the house; he's only walked, taking shortcuts. There's no electricity in the area where Hudson lives, and hardly a road to speak of. We were driving along a footpath, looking for the home. Finally, we made it. And then Hudson only had a few channels, none of which had the rugby on... (He has solar power, just in case you're wondering.)

It's about 90 minutes later, and we're finally home. Saw a mongoose on the drive home. And a hare. So it was sort of a night safari.

Right now, at half time, South Africa's leading 9-3. I tried finding the audio on the radio, but no luck. I'll just have to get score updates from home.

Later: And South Africa is once again rugby world champions! I can only imagine the excitement at home!

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