Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shake, rattle and roll

That's how I felt in the car today. It's been raining an insane amount recently. So much so that the river has flooded the fields at Kipkaren. So you can only imagine what our roads look like.

Today, I drove to a nearby village to take photos at a graduation of 22 traditional birth attendants (midwives). The drive to the village was easy. But while we were in the little church, the heavens seemed to break open and buckets of rain fell. Our director tried without success to speak louder than the sound of the rain on the iron-sheet roof. Alas! So he handed out the ladies' certificates and their new little TBA kits, and everyone started singing again. Outside, in the rain, groups of ladies danced in circles as their friends and families brought gifts and hugs.

After a while of visiting with everyone, we left to have lunch at a nearby house as the rain continued. By the time we left, the road was a slippery mess. Which really is nothing new. But when you're driving on a narrow road with deep trenches on either side, it can be pretty scary. In fact, after I passed through the two worst spots, I was shaking! Just a little, though.

Allison (McCright) made up a song to the tune of "Down on the Corner" by Creedance Clearwater and entertained the entire car with it. "Adele drives a Rover, down in a ditch. Adele drives a Rover, deeper into it. Down in the water, up in a tree. Adele drives a Rover, and it scares me."

But I didn't. I didn't end up in a ditch. The car that followed us did. They got out with the help of others. Yikes.

That's life here.

Even a simple excursion can be an exciting safari! :)

I'll write a longer update later this weekend. Right now, I'm ready to sleep!

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  1. Dear Adele

    I really love your photo's from Kigali and really capture a moment. Thanks from your blogQ