Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ah! Crickets!

It's around 7 pm and the crickets have broken out in a chorus. And now, the frogs joined in. Soon, I'll start hearing the sound of bush babies, the smallest primates. They live in the trees around my house. I haven't seen them, just hear them at night. It's like an evening hymn of praise, these sounds. Especially since there's no rain. We've not had rain for two days now. My laundry actually got dry in one afternoon. Last week, it took days for even light items to dry.

Today, I actually got to turn on my fan, it was that hot. Nice. Summer's here, at last.

And today, we hadn't had a power outage yet. Unlike the past few days, when we've had no power for much of the evening. It's nice, sometimes, to be forced to turn off the computer, turn on the kerosene lamp, and read.

The power outages don't help, though, when you rely on evenings to get your work done due to interruptions during the day. So my work seems way behind. Again. And again, I'm trying to work frantically to clean out my inboxes. I'm down from 60-some messages to 20-some. And I've checked off a bunch of items on my list of things to do. Many more remain.

If you'd like to read something worthwhile about someone else's adventures in Kenya, check this out. It makes my single flat tire earlier this week seem like a picnic.

Back to work, I know!

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