Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The War on Jiggers

Juli and I spent four hours this morning working on the Sifuna kids. (I finally know their dad's last name, so from now on, I don't have to say "the neighbors" or "the kids down the road." They're the Sifunas. That's a Luo name. They're of the Luo tribe.)

I will have to take Nancy to the doctor so he can help. The toe I worked on yesterday, removing 5 egg sacs, is far from being healed. Ruth joined us at a stage and removed easily another 10 sacs. From the same toe, yes. Some on top, by the nail. Some right under the toe, in the fold. And there are more... Nancy cried really, really hard. But every time we'd have one out completely, she'd stop crying. It's almost as if she knows she's supposed to be strong.

No child should have to be that strong. Not at 6 years of age.

Juli thinks Nancy might be anemic. I hope to take her to see the doctor again next week sometime.

After coming home, cleaning up, chatting with the team (plus a team visiting from Kipkaren) over lunch, I headed to town to go and buy more supplies for the kids. I got them each a pair of gumboots and more socks. I also got more multivitamin syrup, gauze and tape. As the worst work is being done on their feet, I've started wrapping their little feet in gauze and tape. Now, with the gumboots to cover it all, things should start getting better.

While I was in town, I bought bread for some of the street kids. One boy exchanged his glue bottle with me for an extra bread roll. As I drove off, I was filled with anger at whomever it is that sells construction glue to young children to sniff. How can any person benefit from another's addictions?? (I know, it's nothing unusual. But still. Today, it got to me.)

I'm home, at last, and catching my breath before heading out for the farewell service for an intern who is leaving tomorrow.

I really hope to just get away for a bit tomorrow. Not sure if it will be possible.

I need a break, a day away to sit at God's feet and be filled.


  1. Would a poultice not help the jiggers come out? They look so painful.

  2. First, I had to look up what on earth a poultice is... It won't work. You have to literally dig out the egg sacs. At least, I'm using sterile, sharp needles. Typically, people dig them out with thorns, causing more infection. I've been putting hospital-strength wound-care medicine on the wounds and bandaging their little feet, hence the progress. It's a tedious process. Have to head out again today and dig more...