Friday, July 13, 2007

Opposites . . . and not

I've been sitting on my bed for the past few hours, working on my computer.
(Have I mentioned recently how thankful I am that my computer did NOT get
This entire time, Flannel has been curled up sleeping next to me.
I'm such a night owl.
She's not.
But she's been putting up with me petting her even while she's sleeping.
Her little belly and her ears are warmer than a hot water bottle!
And even while sleeping, she starts purring every time I start petting her.

Flannel loves touch.
I love that I'm no longer allergic to cats. At least, not to Flannel!


  1. That is rare that Flannel is not a night owl! Most cats are nocturnal. As kittens, my cats would run around the house like wild beasts at 2am, while we were trying to sleep. They still do! Makes you wonder what he's up to during the day when you're not around! :)

  2. BTW, if your cat allergies ever return... just give her a bath once a month! You're probably allergic to her dander. My tabby willingly hops in the tub, knowing that a bath makes her feel better. I have to wrestle my 20 lb mainecoon every step of the way, like I'm trying to kill her. I was allergic as a child, but I would tough it out because I was so cat crazy. Then I learned how to bathe them!