Friday, July 20, 2007

Work Assignment

The view
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I accompanied Samuel this morning to see what another group in the area is doing in terms of a training center.

It was a pleasant assignment. Samuel and I had a great visit, and I got to see a part of Kenya I had never seen before. Or, at least not from up close.

I have often gone to Kerio View, a hotel that looks over the Kerio Valley. Today, I drove down into the valley with Samuel. There were several waterfalls along the way. In many ways, it felt like I was driving in the mountains in Taiwan! The hairpin turns, especially, reminded me of my years on the island. But Taiwan never had goats sleeping right on the bend in the road!

This picture shows part of the farm at the facility. They even grow rice there (in the foreground of the picture), just like in Taiwan! But I don't think Taiwan had so many papaya trees...

On our way back, we stopped at Samuel's sister's house to pray for her husband. I'd love to go back to their home. Their hut is surrounded by mango, papaya and banana trees. It's like a little tropical forest.

After coming back and touching base with the team, I had to head to town for a meeting and to pick up supplies for this weekend. Tomorrow, I'm first going to Kipkaren to take photos of the graduation of the bio-intensive agricultural students.

Midway through the events, I'll take the interns and drive to Nakuru to do a 1-day debriefing safari with them. We should be in Nakuru just before dark, and we'll head into the park at daybreak. By 11, the animals will be hiding from the sun, and we'll take an hour or so to do some debriefing activities before making the 4-hour drive back to Eldoret.

So, lots of driving in the next day or four.

Tomorrow: Ilula-Kipkaren-Nakuru
Saturday: Nakuru safari-Kapbarnet-Ilula
Sunday: Ilula-Kerio View-Ilula
Monday: Ilula-Kipkaren-Ilula (for team visit to KK)

Speaking of driving: With all the rain we've had the past few days, the road was really bad today. Two trucks got stuck at the worst part, and I had to drive through really deep mud to get past them. I actually had to engage DIF LOCK for the first time ever to get through the mud. I love that my car can drive right into deep mud and drive out the other side. Not because it's a game, but because it's reality in my world here!

Please pray for safety on the roads on these journeys.

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