Sunday, July 22, 2007

I saw a hyena catch a flamingo!

Yesterday, after taking photos at the Kipkaren graduation, I hit the road with our three interns and drove to Nakuru for their debriefing safari. We headed into the park at the crack of dawn and marvelled at the layer of pink on the lake. As we headed back to the main road, I saw something in the distance, running like a hyena, towards the lake.

It was a hyena indeed, and we rushed to the water to watch what he was up to. He chased the flocks of flamingos in the water for probably 20 minutes, running in the water as flock after flock took to flight.

And then he caught one!

Hyenas are ruthless. They don't kill their prey instantly. The flamingo was still flapping while the hyena ran with him in his beak. When he found a spot where he'd dig into the bird and kill it by ripping out its guts (sorry, but that's what happened!), he was right next to our car! We could hear the bones cracking.

I took several photos, but basically having driven from 6:15 am till 9:45 pm (save for the hour during which we did debriefing, and the hour when I got the mud washed from under my car), I'm wiped. I'll share more tomorrow and upload pictures.

P.S. You can click here to see photos of the safari.

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