Thursday, September 21, 2006

Late night thoughts on my baby sister's birthday

I am such a night owl. I think in the past 4 hours, I've gotten more done than during the daytime hours. With the evening comes focus. For me, at least. (It might also have a lot to do with zero interruptions at night!)

Best thing that happened today . . . (there were many, but this one is one I've been wanting to have happen for a while now, so I almost feel like I should do a little dance to rejoice). My kitchen tap got replaced. Though I technically have a hot water and a cold water tap, I don't have hot water in my kitchen. I have to boil water to do dishes. But that's beside the point. My cold water tap stopped working about 3 months ago. And about a month ago, the hot water tap died, too. The only way I could turn the water on and off was by force (or with a screw driver!) It's been a pet peeve of mine, but since we've been having teams, the fundi wasn't able to turn off the water supply to install my new tap. Until today... he did it. He chiseled out a chunk of my wall to get to the pipes and replaced the taps. Tomorrow, I have to go and buy some tiles to cover up the cement.

Other great thing about September 20 is that it's my little sister's birthday. She's not really little, though. She's already 35. Until I was in 11th grade, we shared a room and have always gotten on really well. People often thought we were twins! Now, they usually think I'm her younger sister... NOT because I look younger. Just because I'm about a head shorter, and probably because she has 2 kids.

Anyway, happy birthday (again), Liesl. Know that I love you immensely--and not just because you're my sister. I would pick you as a friend any day!

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