Saturday, September 16, 2006

Home Entertainment

I was supposed to go to nearby Lake Baringo today with colleagues as a little getaway, but the trip fell through, so I decided to sit out on my porch and see what flies by here...

So, in honor of Weir in Cedar Rapids and his bird-watching buddy, here's what I saw today:

An entire flock of barn swallows decided to come and play on the electric lines during that time. (The photo doesn't show the entire flock. More came later...)

Some Western black-headed orioles came to sing to me. Yip. I believe they serenaded just for me.

A little red-billed firefinch hung out for a short while, collecting straw for a nest.

Two unidentified birds of prey soared overhead for the longest time, attacking a bigger bird! When I went to get my binoculars, they left...

And a pair of greater blue-eared starlings were hanging out of with the orioles.

And of course there was a ring-necked dove. They're usually around here. (As are the orioles and starlings.)

So, there. I was able to enjoy some bird watching after all.

BarraBarra, on the other hand, has only seen a couple of flies today.

Oh, and while I was out, seeing what else might be crawling around my yard, I thought I'd show you what the flower of a passion fruit looks like. Soon, I'll be able to harvest the fruit and make home-grown passion fruit juice!

I'll plan to go to Lake Baringo and it's neighbor Lake Bogoria another time. But not today. Right now, I'm heading out the door to go and plant myself somewhere where I will actually get some work done.

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