Monday, September 18, 2006

And then, Rooney cried...

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As I knelt down to take a picture of the little three-year-old, his big eyes seems a little scared. I couldn't get him to smile, but took the photo anyway. The next moment, his bottom lip started to tremble. I put down my camera and wrapped my arms around the boy. Everything suddenly seemed just too much for the little one. He tried to be so very strong. He tried to hold back, but huge teardrops soon stained my shirt. And then his whole little body was shaking as he was still so desperately trying to fight back the tears...

I tried to imagine what was going through his head. "Who are all these people? Why did they take me from my grandma? Why is a mzungu holding me? I'm not supposed to cry, am I?"

I, too, fought back the tears and asked who his new parents were. "The Matekwas," Noella answered. "But they went to take their other children to their home. I will take him..." and she took the warm little body from my arms.

"Jesus," I prayed, "Help little Rooney to see You tonight, to know that you are right here with him."

It's a challenging journey ahead for Rooney and the 16 others who arrived in the past couple of days, joining their new families at Kipkaren Children's Home. Over chai earlier this morning, I asked the Matekwas what the greatest challenges have been as their family grew from three to 20 in just a few days.

"For one, it is difficult because right now, we have to do everything for these children," Ziporah replied. "And we are trying to understand each child's character, which is also hard."

"You know," Peter explained. "Yesterday, I had made all the beds so nicely for them. I explained to them how to sleep in a bed. But when I went to check on them at 4 a.m., most of the boys were huddled up at the foot-end of their beds, covering themselves with only their towels. They were not even sleeping on the pillows."

We take for granted that kids simply know how to sleep in a bed. But most of these orphans, when they arrive at our homes, have never slept in a bed, nor have they ever slept alone.

As I left Kipkaren, I was hoping that little Rooney wouldn't have to sleep alone tonight. I know the Matekwas will make a bed for him in their house for his first night so they can bond and keep an eye on him. But tomorrow? And the day after? Suddenly, he has to be bravel

Will you please join me and pray for this little chap and his new siblings as they adjust to life in the home?


  1. Thanks Adele. I will keep little Rooney lifted up in my prayers.

  2. Ayeola,
    Today, the very last kid was taken into the Kipkaren Children's Home. So Rooney now has 11 brothers and 12 sisters who can console him. Thank you for your prayers.