Sunday, January 29, 2006


Little farmers
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Last night, I got at least 100 hugs. After having dinner at the Teimuges’ house, I rushed over to greet the children. The first boys’ room I walked in, the boys asked immediately, “Will you stay and read us a story?” I’ll have to go back to do that some evening this week since it was close to bedtime and I still had 7 other dorms to greet.

Kipkurui (Calvin) literally dived into my arms. “Adele!” he said. “You back! Welcome.” Even some of the shyest ones gave me tight hugs and told me they missed me. They have NO idea how much I had missed them!

One of the girls’ rooms had rehearsed some songs which they promptly lined up and sang to me. “Please come back so we can tell you stories,” they asked when I left.

I headed over to the West wing, where the first girls’ dorm had packed “Welcome,” and “God loves you” in beads on their desk. They told me that they had watched the sky in the afternoon and had seen my airplane fly over just after 5. This particular family’s kids speak the most English of all, and I shared with them about a friend who is in the hospital, asking if they will pray for her. The girls came to ask me this morning how the friend is because they prayed earnestly and believe God will heal her. I believe so, too.

I headed to their brothers’ room where the boys had gone and picked flowers for me. They asked many questions, and when I shared about the friend (who also happens to be a sponsor to one of the boys in that particular family), they were concerned and promised to pray, too. I was in the next room when one of the boys came to call me. The boy whose sponsor is sick was crying… I went back to his room and held him tight while he cried. It hit me how very important these children’s sponsors are to them. To him, it felt like he was yet again loosing a parent… As he and I cried together, the other kids gathered and prayed for his sponsor, that God will heal her totally.

I look forward to bringing them good news as God brings healing in the friend’s life.

Only this morning did I have time to go and look at my house. It’s not as far along as I had thought it would be, but I’m actually relieved. This way, I’m here while the finishing touches are being done. The cement is still drying, so the walls have not yet been painted. We don’t want to rush this since the cement has to be TOTALLY dry before you paint. I’m starting to envision the house with plants and my stuff. Not that I have any furniture yet… I’ll have to start looking for furniture this week. I will upload photos as things come along.

I am told that the satellite dish will be installed on Tuesday. That means that this is hopefully the last time I’m typing from an Internet café in town! Though my house won’t be ready, the Internet connection will be, and I’ll set things up so I can connect from home.

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