Thursday, January 05, 2006

"Eating news"

"Eating news"
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Today, I drove from 6:30 a.m. till almost 6 p.m., visiting five villages and taking photos of 12 students who are part of our student sponsorship program. (I.e. people in the US pay their school fees.)

This photo was taken in the very first home we visited, where, ironically, the girl we went to take a photo of, wasn't home.

It truly is an honor to be allowed into people's homes like this. This family was still sitting in their kitchen/dining room having their morning chai (tea).

I love how you can see the light coming into the window.

The grandmom is sitting next to the stove. Above here head is firewood, cut up and stacked ready for use.

The fire is in the middle, with the morning tea on the fire. To the left and right of the fire, they have little compartments where they keep chicks warm. It was so cozy, visiting with the little peeps of about 20 chicks coming from by the fire!

I don't like that I cannot speak Swahili yet and communicate with the Kenyans, but I'm learning. Slowly but surely.

Click on the photo to see more photos of the journey.

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