Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ethiopian food

Ethiopian food
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On Saturday night, we were taken to a traditional Ethiopian restaurant. Most of the Ethiopian dishes are beef (including tripe), goat, lamb and some chicken. I typically try and avoid eating much meat, especially if you consider what the butcheries look like in this part of the world, but sometimes you have no choice.

I have not been as sick as some of my colleagues have been (perhaps because my body is more accustomed to some of the micro organisms you inevitably ingest living in a rural culture), but the past two days I've not been feeling my very best.

Last night, one group of students (whom I had last week) invited all four APU professors to a thank-you dinner. It was a very grand affair, especially since the Minister of Transportation and Communication, the assistant governer of Oromia region and the Secretary of State are all members of the class.

The students then progressed to lavish us with gifts: Typical Oromia garb (click on the photo to be taken to my other photos, including one of me in my new Oromia outfit...), roasted barley (the favorite snack around here), and coffee beans.

Oromia is aparently where coffee originated, and they gave us beans that had not yet been roasted. We're supposed to roast them ourselves. Talk about fresh coffee!

This weekend, I had wanted to go to Lalibella (a famous site in Ethiopia--churches are carved into rock) but couldn't get a ticket. I'll stay close to the city instead, and try to keep out of trouble!

Please keep praying for safety and for relationships with my students.

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