Thursday, December 29, 2005

Nairobi stopover

I'm back in Nairobi. I am anxious to get back to Eldoret to see the children and staff and get more of my work done.

I'm flying to Eldoret tomorrow morning at 7:15, which will have me in Eldoret by 8 a.m. I arrived in Nairobi too late to catch the afternoon flight today, and if I'd take the shuttle, it would mean I'd spend 6 hours on the road and be home by around midnight tonight. Keeping in mind that it's the holidays, that there are likely to be more drunk drivers on a road that's already very dangerous, I opted for the safer option, to fly in the morning.

It was good to be in South Africa. I'm glad to be heading "home" now, though.

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  1. Hey I just wanted to tell you that I really admire what you're doing to help the kids out in my country.