Sunday, December 18, 2005

Home, sweet home

When I arrived in SA, there was a bit of an issue at immigration. I've never, ever been asked for my yellow fever card, but today they did ask for it, and I didn't have it on me. (No idea why not. I think it's just that I've never been asked for it before, so I must've left it in Kenya.) Anyway, they sent me to the clinic, which wanted to charge me $80 to get a shot there and then. I argued, showing them my Kenya stamps in my passport, that I've obviously traveled there before and would thus obviously have had my shot. The nurse said he believed me, but he wouldn't give in. He said it's just the way it is.

I asked to see a supervisor, or that he come to immigration with me. He said I could go back there myself and ask to see a supervisor. When I went back, all the lines had closed and there was just one lady still in her booth. As I walked up, I prayed, "God, please! I don't want to spend your money this way. You know I've gotten the shot. Please open the doors." The immigration official may have thought I was coming in on a different flight, being much later than all the Kenya passengers. I greeted her very politely in four of the local languages, thinking that one of them has to be her language, and it will show respect... She smiled back and asked which flight I was from. I just said, "SA183" and smiled. She stamped my passport and voila! I was in.

Yeah God! I am now in Pretoria at my sister Liesl's house. I'm flying to my parents' tomorrow morning early and will be there until Thursday. I will most likely be updating news in the evenings, so feel free to write me. ;)

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