Friday, December 16, 2005

The Adventures of Kiptoo

One of the New Covenant missions council members, MaryKay Kolb, sent me a little M&M container. Since I threw the canister of M&Ms in my bag when we left for debriefing, one of the team members suggested that we name him and that I take photos of him wherever I go.

It's a little M&M, and I named him Kiptoo, which is Kalinjin (the language spoken in Eldoret) for someone who was delivered by guests. (As in, if a baby boy is delivered by white nurses, he's named Kiptoo. A girl would be Jeptoo.)

So, Kiptoo (pronounced kip-'toe) has been having a lot of fun. I will post pictures of him every so often. For example, when we were in the Maasai Mara, I took photos of him with lions and cheetahs in the background. Got a shot of him boarding our 13-seater airplane. (He did fine during the flight.) He stayed at the hostel today. I think he must be sad that his friends left...

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