Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Can't think straight right now. Here's what I did today.
  1. Did a ton of walking. Which is wonderful. And lotsandlotsandlots of riding on buses & trains. Some of them in the wrong direction, since I can't always read the Chines maps on the bus signs and if there's no-one to ask, I just take a chance sometimes, which means you end up going someplace different than planned.
  2. Discovered that somehow, I can still speak a fair amount of Chinese. Enough to get around. Not enough to have an in-depth conversation about anything important whatsoever without making a total fool of myself.
  3. Found that in the almost 7 years since I had left, Taipei has changed quite a bit. Lots of new buildings in my old neighborhood. Lots and lots of electronic signs, like on buses, or even at the bus/train stop, telling you how long till the next bus/train is there.
  4. And found that though you could buy about 3 kinds of coffees when I lived here (OK, Starbucks opened in 2001, I think, and suddenly you could get a bit more), you can now even order lattes at little kiosks at 7-Elevens, without even having to go into the store. This is a huge change for a former tea culture.
  5. Hardly any of my colleagues from 7 years ago look a day older than back then. They were all saying the same of me "ni dou meiyou bien!" (you haven't changed a bit!) but I know I have. OK, maybe I still look the same, but I really have changed a lot in the past 7 years. Growing up is good, you know?
  6. It was fun to teach again. I tutored a 14-year-old for 2 hours tonight.
  7. And it was fun to have teppanyaki with 2 dear friends, Gabe & Jeremiah. Both are like younger brothers to me. Gabe was an intern and worked with me, then attended APU (as an undergrad) at the same time as I. And I live with Miah's family when I went to APU, while he was still finishing high school.
Tomorrow, I'm taking the high speed train to the center of the island to see my friend Debryn and her family. Can't wait.

It really is good to be back. Just surreal being in the same city as before, yet doing something completely different! A good surreal, though.

And no, I don't know yet exactly what I'll be doing. The job search is still on. Might know by tomorrow or Friday about one possibility.


  1. It's so good to know you are doing well in Taiwan, Adele! :)

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