Monday, February 16, 2009

What's next?

I've recently had quite a few people ask me if I knew yet what's next. I wish I did! I know some of what's next, but there are still many variables.

I'm still visiting with one particular university regarding a position. They indicated that they'd like to hire me, but they still have a hiring freeze. I'm supposed to know THIS WEEK if they can at least offer me a contract, even if we don't know the exact starting date since they don't know when the hiring freeze will be lifted. That would allow them to start working on a visa application for me.

In the meantime, I am leaving the US this weekend, and going to Taiwan. How long I'll be there will depend on news from the university this week. If I don't hear from them, or if they cannot offer me a contract, I'll be looking for long-term positions in Taiwan. Teaching positions. Hopefully at a university.

But if they let me know that I have this other job, I'll be in Taiwan for a shorter time, basically focusing on tutoring and writing travel stories. I'll also be going to China in April to interview some businesses there for my dissertation, since I'm still studying. (Which is something others have asked me. "Will you still complete your degree now that you're no longer in Kenya?" The plan is to be done by the end of next year. If all works out well.)

So it could be that I return to the US after the China visit and start working at a university, or it could be that I return to Taiwan after that and continue teaching.

God only knows. And I don't say that flippantly.

I appreciate your prayers as this journey continues...

Why Taiwan? Why not go back to South Africa? That's an easy one to answer. I had lived in Taiwan from 1995-2002. I know I can find jobs there quite easily. Which isn't necessarily true about my home country. I want to work. That's simple. So I'll go where I know I can find a job that I'll find rewarding.


  1. Even though you don't have it in stone yet, it seems like it is firming up for you!


  2. Adele,
    That is great to hear. I am looking forward to seeing where God will place you next. And I am jealous that you are almost done with school. I have a long way to go.