Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back in Taiwan - end of Day 1

I thought I'd be in bed already by 9 pm tonight, but lo and behold, it's just before midnight and I'm still up. I get busy doing stuff at night, and before I know it, it's late.

Hence, a short update:
  • I went for a first interview at a school today, and things look promising. More about that once I know for sure if it'll pan out or not.
  • Walked around the suburbs, just taking in the sights and sounds of Taiwan again. And the smells. I love the aromas that come from the many hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Food is a BIG DEAL in Taiwan.
  • Had really good "niuro mien" (beef noodle soup) for dinner, made with shaved noodles.
  • Hope to get up early and get some shots of the old people doing tai chi in the park. Right now, I'm living in an apartment that's within walking distance from the biggest park in the city, so there should be some fun activity in the park from very early in the morning.
  • Got a haircut since I realized quickly that my hair needed to be thinned out drastically in this heat. So I got to see Daisy (who used to cut my hair when I lived here before) and the other ladies at George Pai's (the salon). I was surprised at how much Chinese I was able to speak with them. Yeah for a brain that still functions. :)
Right at this moment, though, my brain's not functioning as well as it should. I should get some sleep.

More tomorrow.

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