Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spot the error

I've often seen these stickers on the back of bicycles in Kenya, and am hoping that the company who's printing them have since corrected their mistake. Do you know what the error is? (Other than the fact that sunset is misspelled.)

I'm working at sorting through my photos again for ELI's archives, so you might see a number of random photos appear on my blog in the next few days. :)


  1. the flag on the right is SA, not Tanzania?! haha uh oh. i don't really know you, but i couldn't resist the challenge. :) I found your blog via Laura Anderson and am an avid reader, albeit in the shadows. Thank you for sharing your life and adventures!!

  2. Jarilyn, welcome out from the shadows! :) You're right. The flag on the right belongs to South Africa. Tanzania's flag can be seen at

  3. besides the error that is one cool pic!