Tuesday, September 09, 2008

News from the bottom of Africa

It's just before 6 am. I'm wide awake, listening to the rain coming down. Rain and wind is nothing unusual in Cape Town. Not this time of year, at least.

It's been an amazing two days. On Sunday, I flew down and was picked up at the airport by my sister, Sanet. We drove along the coast, seeing at least 20 or so Southern Right Whales playing in the waters off the coast. One must've been as close to shore as 50 feet. They come to calf in the waters off the South African coast this time of year. Sadly, I don't have my good camera with me, only a pocket camera, which doesn't do as good a job capturing those moments.

Sanet's place is close to the waters, near Simonstown (for those who know the Cape), and the view of the waters (and whales in the bay) is breathtaking.

On Monday morning, we braved the traffic and rain to get to the other side of the city, where my class is.

We're about 15 students in class, and this is technically an independent study for me, since the other 14 are only attending the week's discussions out of interest. No-one else is taking the class for credit. So it's funny being the only person typing away on my laptop while Gwen's speaking!

Dr. Gwen Dewey is one of the directors of the Theology of Work program, and it's an honor to be able to take this class from her. She wrote the curriculum for the program, so she's the most knowledgeable, I'd say, on what the Theology of Work training is all about.

I guess a one-line summary of Theology of Work would be that it's about the intersection of faith and work, or how one can effectively be a Christian in the workplace. Not a new concept, but this program presents the ideas in new ways, I believe.

Will see if I can get some photos uploaded in a bit.

Time to get ready for what's lying ahead today. :)


  1. "it's about the intersection of faith and work, or how one can effectively be a Christian in the workplace".
    I'd love to hear new ideas myself...maybe you can share a few?
    I like the word "effectively" that's totally my heart as well.

  2. Rhonda,
    It's about letting our lives speak, truly, about how we treat coworkers, the hours we spend (or do not spend) at the office, about our attitude toward work.

    It's not about arranging prayer meetings at the office, especially not if it would require us to take work time to eat since we prayed at lunch... That's poor stewardship.

    It's not about preaching at others, but loving them in such a way that they would WANT to hear what we have to offer.

    It is about speaking up when the time is right, and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through us rather than wanting to convert the person ourselves.

    What ways have you found effective in sharing your faith?