Thursday, September 18, 2008


That's all I can hear. The sound of crickets. Perhaps a night bird or two. Some other bugs. Frogs. But mostly crickets.

I'm back in Kipkaren, in my house. It was already dark when we pulled in, and colleagues were expecting me for dinner, so I didn't get to go and see the kids. Will do so tomorrow. Hug them and tell them stories. I didn't even bring them candy this time. In fact, I didn't buy treats for myself, either. The books I carried weighed a ton. 

Walking to the Kiprops' home (dodging lots of puddles and mud from lingering rains), I couldn't help but smile. Earlier, when our center manager pulled into the compound with me, the first person I saw was Helen. And she had a tummy she hadn't had before... Is she pregnant?

In this culture, people don't talk about being pregnant. Helen tends to be different. For one, she's the only female pastor (ordained in the AIC church) in this area. Got married at 39 to Cosmas, our night watchman. She's a phenomenal woman. And she's not shy to talk about the fact that she's in fact expecting a baby.

"I've come to greet you - but look out, I have a BIG stomach!" she announced with a smile. I promised to come for chai tomorrow and "eat news." One would think I was gone for a long time!

Much has to happen tomorrow. People have to be visited. News exchanged. And there are projects that need to be taken care of. In the evenings, I'll study. As before.

I'm looking forward to catching up. But for now, I'll fall asleep to the sound of the crickets.

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