Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mixed Feelings

I'm thankful for
dental floss,
electric toothbrushes,
a somewhat-flushable toilet,
an electric shower head that works when there's enough water pressure,
a solid roof over my head,
a clean bed,
Lucy who helps keep my house clean
and washes my laundry by hand
so I don't have to spend 2 days a week trying to do so!

I'm grateful for
for fresh fruit
and clean water,
for electricity
and a satellite connection to the Internet,
for cell phones,
for the ability to read
and to reason,
for opportunities to have seen the world,
for God's guidance through good times and tough times.

And tonight, I miss
a variety of friends.
* I'm thankful for my friends here, don't get me wrong.*
I just miss variety.

I miss my friends who make me belly-laugh,
who know when not to take me seriously,
when to tell me the truth,
when to simply listen,
when to pray,
and when to share their hearts.
Or when to simply play cards and talk about nothing important.

I miss the ease of life in some other parts of the world,
of driving over to friends' home
rather than have to cross a stream and hope not to topple in
cause the rocks you step on wiggle under your feet.

Yet I love the beauty of the walk to the said friends' home,
the sound of the river and the critters that come with it,
neighbors who greet you along the way,
the laughter of the children playing on our compound,
and the enthusiasm with which students are rehearsing for tomorrow's item in church.

Life here is good and it's hard.
It's a dream and at times it's tough.
It's a calling and it's a season.

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