Thursday, March 15, 2007

So, what's new?

Nothing really exciting's been happening, hence the silence. Here's the skinny for the past 2 weeks (other than the newest interaction with the Cedar Rapids Police Department.)
  1. As of today, my committed support is at 97%. YEAH! Thank God for that! And thank each and every individual and group who's part of this support network.
  2. We had one day of gorgeous, summer weather this week! But just one day. It seems like summer fell on a Tuesday this year. It's winter again. If you'd like to see some amazing photos of some of the Iowa blizzard of 07, check this out.
  3. Today, I find out for sure if I'm allowed to leave at the end of this month. I've been telling people that's when I'm leaving, but I still need the final OK from my counselor. And then I have to buy my ticket to LA, which is usually way more expensive if you make the reservation in less than 2 weeks from departure, so I might (might!) just leave Easter weekend. I am really, really looking forward to being back in Kenya.
  4. Tediously editing thousands of photos for ELI is taking a lot of time. It's also playing some bad tricks on my back. Fortunately, I'm still in a land where there are chiropracters... And I am thankful that my health insurance covers me in the US.
  5. I've been trying to figure out functions on my camera that I don't usually use so I can try and take better photos. Doing the figuring out Stateside is smarter since I have access here to people who I can ask my many questions.
  6. I've been updating the ELI blogs a bit. Be sure to check them out. (The links are in the margin under the heading WORK STUFF.)
That's pretty much it. Soon, I'll be able to upload news from Kenya again!

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