Friday, March 02, 2007


As of this morning, my support level is at 89%! Bit by bit, we're getting closer to me being able to leave the US. :)

Speaking of leaving... I have officially booked my ticket back to Kenya for March 31. That's this month! In fact, much of my stuff is packed and ready to go. I'm just waiting for the final OK from my doctor that I'm ready to head back. Plus it would be really nice to know that 100% of my budget has been committed. (In the meantime, I'm waiting for USCIS to let me know that it's OK for me to stay till the end of this month! If they decline my application, I'd have to get on the soonest flight out of this country since my visa for this stay has officially expired two days ago.)

I got an e-mail from my friends at Ilula this morning. Apparantly, the kids miss me. They have NO idea how much I miss them. And my chameleon's still alive, which is good news to me. I don't think he misses me, though. Chameleons aren't the most affectionate pets. But they're great at keeping the house free of flies.

Things I look forward to in Kenya:
  • Spending time with the children
  • Getting to know some of the staff better
  • Seeing the African sky
  • Taking photos
  • Getting to know the language
  • Spending time with God by the river in Kipkaren, and on prayer rock
  • Moving to Kipkaren half the week, every week
  • Being involved in teacher training at ELI's Brook of Faith Academy
That's a new change, yes. Once I go back, I'll be splitting my time between our base in Ilula (where my house is) and the base in Kipkaren (a 90-minute drive from Ilula). I'll share more about what I'll be doing in Kipkaren once I'm back in Kenya.

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