Saturday, March 03, 2007

Latest Numbers...

As of this afternoon, my support is at 91%! Yeah God! And yeah to every person who's part of the support team.

I had mentioned the other day how at times, I "get" what a joy and privilege it is to represent so many individuals and families in Africa. (Other times I forget this little detail and get frustrated with having to raise support...)

Today, I had another one of those "I get it" moments. I went to The Bookmark Cafe in Marion today to sit there and work. It's a cozy coffee shop, and I wanted to be someplace outside the house so I could focus on the project I'm working on, designing a new book for ELI. Anyway, I was sitting with earphones in, clicking away at my computer screen when a stranger walked by and smiled. I took out my earphones and visited with this lady named Cathryn. She had questions about the pictures on my computer, and I we visited about the work I do in Africa. "How can we support you?" she asked. It turns out that she's really interested in what's happening in Africa and desiring to be involved, but cannot go right now. "Maybe your work is a way for me to be connected..."

The greatest majority of my supporters will never go to Africa. But through their support, they are directly involved in making a difference in the lives of orphans, of the poor in rural Kenya, of refugees in Sudan. For me, it is a tremendous privilege to represent them--to represent YOU.

So, to each one of you that's part of the 91% to date, thank you. It's my honor to represent you in the Kingdom of God.

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