Friday, April 21, 2006

Update: April 2006

In less than two weeks, I'll be leaving for Sudan. I'll be accompanying a medical team to capture on film, in words and on audio the fast-growing ministry of ELI Sudan.

One of the stories I hope will materialize is that of our 53 students who live among cows. I plan to walk home from school with them and capture their lives among the cattle for which they care. Until now that they have the chance to go to school, their lives have centered around their cows. For many, the only "food" they've been having for years has been the milk they get from the cows. Now, ELI has a food program which provides them with a meal at school three times a week: Rice and lentils.

For 6 days (from May 3-9):

* we'll live in tents in heavy rain and strong winds
* we'll wear gumboots due to this being the rainy season in Sudan
* yet we will have NO access to running water
* which means we will not be able to take a single shower or even a sponge bath (I'll "harvest" rainwater for a daily cleaning)
* nor will we have access even to an outhouse (bring your own shovel)
* and we will eat instant oatmeal for breakfast, rice and lentils for lunch, and ugali (corn mush) for dinner. Some nights, there might be goat meat with the ugali

But it's so worthwhile, because

* we'll get to share Christ with people who have never heard of Jesus
* I'll sit and talk with children who rely on a fellow cow herder to read to them from the Bible once a week because no one else can read yet
* we'll minister God's peace in a land that's been torn by war for 21 years
* in addition to taking photos and interviewing people, I will be recording sermons and teachings done in the Dinka language while we are there. I'll also record Dinka singing. We'll then compile the singing, teachings and sermons on CD in order to send this to remote areas with a portable CD player and speakers. (The singing is to draw a crowd.)

I need you to pray for me and for our team. Please pray . . .

1. for our health, especially protection against malaria! I am told that at this time of year, you don't swat mosquitoes—you literally wipe off the swarms from your arms
2. for extra patience with ourselves, one another and our host culture despite the extreme circumstances
3. for safety in travels (especially landing on a gravel airstrip during the rains!)
4. for safety (from rain) for my camera and recording equipment
5. for Spirit-led conversations with the Sudanese
6. to hear God's voice clearly throughout this journey (and beyond!)

As often as we can, we'll use the ELI satellite (Irridium) phone to call in reports to staff who will update the ELI blog Check that site for news, prayer and praise during our time in Sudan.

Praise God that the majority of this mission has already been funded. (We'll have to charter MAF planes to take is to Sudan and back, which is the costliest part of this mission.) I need to contribute $500 toward this trip. I will also have to purchase the digital audio equipment, which is another $700.

If you would like to contribute toward this mission, please send a check to ELI, P.O.Box 67, Upland, CA 91785. Write 319 in the memo line. Please also e-mail me so I know which funds are meant specifically for the Sudan ministry.

Thank you in advance for your prayer support as well as financial support, without which we at ELI cannot do what we're doing.

"Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of
all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth. Judge
righteously. And plead the cause of the poor & the
needy." Prov. 31:8-9

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