Monday, April 24, 2006


This morning, I headed into town to pick up a stepdown transformer so I can get a toaster oven given to me by dear friends to work. The whole deal with getting the transformer has been a test of patience, but that's a different story. Knowing I'll be able to cook good food in an OVEN tonight, I first headed to the market. Bought vegetables, and with a heavy bag in my one hand, I didn't keep my other hand in my pocket, holding my wallet.

As I left the greater market area, a guy came walking toward me, waving plastic bags and locking eyes with me. I never buy plastic bags from individuals since the vendor who I buy from provides bags. I thought this was weird that the guy was trying to sell me a bag though he saw I was leaving the market, and the next moment, I felt my wallet move in my skirt pocket as the guy brushed past me. THANK GOD I felt it, and immediately said, "HEY!" He jogged off running backward with a smile on his face, like saying, "Oh, well!" He didn't manage to grab my wallet, and I'll be sure to be more careful next time. Yikes, eh?

Next, I picked up the transformer and headed home, excited to cook food in an oven for the first time in months. However, as I plugged in the oven, it blew! My beautiful Cuisinart toaster oven might now just be a large paperweight... I'm praying that I might be able to have it fixed.

It's just one of those days! Things can only get better from here on!

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