Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Candlelight dinner

Tonight, I had nine guests over for dinner. OK, three of them happened to be kids, but still, nine humans in my house is a LOT of people. It was great, though. I had cooked chicken and vegetables, and made baked potatoes and garlic bread in the outdoor oven. And I baked lemon poppyseed muffins to go with the salad.

I know! I hardly ever cook like this any longer. I simply don't take the time to cook such meals since things take much longer here. So, in between editing articles and dealing with visiting team arrangements, I put dinner together. It made for a good goal: Finish this task, then I can get up and prepare the next thing.

Just as everyone was here, the lights went out and then, BAM! there was a loud thunder. It's been raining almost every evening for the past few weeks, and tonight was no exception. Fortunately, I had candles burning, so none of the kids were scared. In fact, when the power came back on an hour or two later, we turned off the lights since it was so cozy...

My point? Despite the fact that I was running between my home and the outdoor, woodburning oven, I can bake and cook a decent meal. It just takes more time and planning.

Last night, I put on my rain coat, took The Best of Dr. Suess and went to read The Cat in the Hatto my boys. A good end to a difficult day. It's so true, isn't it? When things are tough, look away from yourself, see how you can serve others, and things simply don't seem that tough any more.

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