Thursday, August 07, 2008

Big and Small

Almost every morning, as I spend my quiet time out in the gazebo near my house, there's a little Malachite kingfisher which plays in the trees. Though it's a kingfisher, this little one doesn't eat fish - as one of the smallest of the kingfisher family, it eats insects. (Actually, at 4", the Pygmy Kingfisher is half an inch smaller.)

This morning, I went to park myself in the new gazebo, which is by our guest houses. (I planned to work on my paper all day, and actually succeeded in getting a fair amount done!) That gazebo is right by the river, and the bird life is slightly different from my regular spot. I heard a familiar bird call, and not knowing what bird it belongs to, I looked up to see the crow-sized Giant Kingfisher, perched in the tree right by me! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, so I couldn't take a picture. I watched for a short while as it was trying to catch a fish, and then got back to my paper.

Kierra showed up later in the afternoon to work from the same spot and declared that I found the best spot ever to work on a paper. True indeed. This weekend, I'll be going back to Rondo with a group of colleagues. Rondo's got to be the next best spot ever to work on any paper!

I love the bird life in our village, and that in Rondo! I don't want to take these blessings for granted.

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  1. What a sight! We ate dinner with some friends and they had all these humming birds flying around and it was so neat to watch them!