Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Early Celebrations

Last night, I was supposed to meet my friend Connie for dinner. As a bunch of us "chicks" were working the past few days, doing clean-up and the like, they started saying things like, "Why don't we grill on Sunday afternoon. It'll be a great break from this work!" So I figured Connie and I will get together another time, and agreed to go to her place. Everyone agreed to bring something, but I wasn't really paying attention to any of the arrangements since it was a very informal event.

On Sunday morning, Danette and I used dehumidifier water to wash our hair, seeing that the water supply in Cedar Rapids was still only at 25% of capacity, and we're supposed to limit usage to drinking and critical usage only. Later in the day, however, we were delighted to learn that things were looking up a bit, and that people in odd-numbered homes could take showers on odd-numbered days. We could also do dishes and laundry, if need be.

So, before heading to Connie's place, it was an absolute delight to take a long nap and a short shower. (I couldn't resist taking this photo of Danette and Paka in a rare moment. Danette hardly ever naps! However, hours of cleanup has left us all a bit wiped out!)

I haven't appreciated a shower that much in a very, very long time! Plus, I am very glad we were able to shower, 'cause when we arrived at Connie's, I discovered that the impromptu barbecue was far from that! It was, in fact, a surprise birthday celebration!

Originally, the plan was apparently to have the event at a restaurant in town, but due to the crisis in town, it was decided to make it a much more low-key event. I'm glad. Simply visiting with a handful of my good friends in Cedar Rapids at Connie's house was really, really nice. It gave us a good chance to visit about everything under the sun. The marrieds in the group left early, and the 5 singles who remained made a fire in Jodie's new fire pit, sat around the fire, visited some more, and made s'mores.

It was the first time I actually had s'mores, by the way. Yes, we roast marshmallows in South Africa. But we don't add chocolate and Graham crackers. I enjoyed only one of them. As much as I like sweet stuff, more than just one would be a bit much for me!

I still can't believe the girls threw a surprise birthday party, though. It caught me completely off guard, to the point that I was really choked up! They decided that since I'll be leaving soon, and since I'll be in the village for my 40th birthday in November, they wanted to have a chance to celebrate with me. Five months early, yes, but still, they get to celebrate. Which I love.

What a blessing to have such amazing friends. I thank God for these ladies who enrich my life so greatly. Unlike the s'mores I had earlier in the night, I'd take time with them any time! They're never too much, never too sweet. They're the real deal. What a blessing to have 'em in my life. Even though they've declared me 40, months too early!


  1. Aww, that's awesome, Dellie! I'm glad you have such good friends. :)
    And hey, 40's young! (Tom turned 40 last month ...)

  2. That looks like fun! Happy early Birthday too! Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog!

    The floods out there look horrible. Your pictures really brought it to life.

    Have a great weekend!