Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Storm

Though the water receded some today, a new storm is moving in right now. Hail is recorded in several towns in the area. We're praying for no new flooding in the basement here, and no more damage in the area! Follow the news at KCRG and Gazette. The water issue is becoming a major problem. We're not sure how long we'd have water. We're all trying our best to use as little water as possible. This morning, they reported that close to 500 city blocks are under water. Museums have been flooded. As have libraries. And business after business and home after home after home... It's really sad to see!

Tonight, friends and I are heading out to pull out the carpet at our mail lady's home. Tomorrow, we'll do the same. That's church for us tomorrow. We'll go serve wherever necessary. We can't do much, but it helps when a group of 6 "chicks" pull up and help haul stuff, or clean gutters, whatever. That's the way we felt yesterday when the girls showed up at Danette's house!

Anyway, we don't know what's going to happen the next few hours as the next storm is approaching. They're starting to talk about possible tornadoes. We don't need that. We don't need more flooding. Please pray that the rain will stop, that the water will recede, that we can start cleaning up.

My friend Erin wrote a very good entry about some of the things happening. Worth reading, for sure.

I just pulled up one of my text books for reading. Not sure how much else (work, studies, visiting with supporters) is going to happen in this last stretch in Cedar Rapids. There'll be lots of cleaning up to do. I don't think we have any idea yet of the immensity of the task ahead...

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