Friday, December 21, 2007

Adele's Update | December 2007

Dear friends,

I am heading to South Africa tomorrow morning for a 2-week break with my family. It's a break I'm looking forward to after an intense few months of ministry. After Christmas morning service and a cold lunch (because it's very hot at home right now), I'll be spending Christmas day on the beach with my family. :) I'll be thinking of those of you who'll be bundled up and braving the cold weather up North!

As we head into the weekend and a week full of celebrating the birth of Jesus, may you have amazing times with family and friends.
  • If you would, please pray for Kenya during this coming week. There's a presidential election on December 27, and things are pretty volatile right now. You can follow news online at The Standard.
  • Due to the upcoming elections (and probably many other factors that I don't understand), the Kenya schilling has dropped drastically in the past 2 months. (It traded at KES67.02 to $1 early October and KES62.54 today, and dropping daily.) You can imagine how such a drop affects money that's being wired from the US for our ministry as a whole as well as salaries. (You can read more here.) Please pray for the Kenyan economy to stabilize rapidly following the elections!
  • This week, a group of almost 20 men and women graduated from our AA program in Kipkaren. With Christmas and New Years possibly being the hardest time of the year in terms of temptation to drink once again, please join me in praying for these alcoholics to be able to remain strong in their commitment not to drink.
  • Tomorrow, people from around Kipkaren are coming to our children's home for our first "Loving Day," a day during which the community will have a chance to get to know our children better. Please pray that the children will feel loved, and that those who are coming to visit and who are giving sacrificially to make this day special for the orphans, would equally experience God's love through the children.
This year has been one of the most challenging ones so far, and one of the most amazing at the same time. It has been a humbling year, and a year in which I learned to cling to God with all my life. Read the attached letter for more on this year's events, as well as a glance at what's lying ahead in 2008. (Click on the miniature to download a large version of my Christmas letter.)

Thank you so much for being part of God's work in East Africa through your support.

Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2008!


Christmas Letter 2007, originally uploaded by Boyznberry.

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