Monday, November 26, 2007

Siesta time

Today, after church and a really short nap, I took some of the team members to see the Sifuna kids. Joanne came running to greet us! Now that the maize (corn) has been harvested, they can see me coming from far. Then came the others, and Nancy gave me the longest hug!

Kiprop was the first one to sit down and pull off his shoes and socks. Unfortunately, the kids once again have some jiggers. Nothing like before, but enough to have made me feel frustrated once more at these pests! My one Kenyan friend who sometimes helped me remove the egg sacs had moved. The other one is highly pregnant (as in, she might even have her baby tonight!) And we've not been able to find them a different home in this area. So the little ones once again have some sand flees... But they know so well that I really, really care. They are so incredibly trusting of me. Even Kiprono, the baby, would stop crying when I'd look him in the eyes and tell him I'm sorry it's hurting, and that I love him. They really do trust me. What an honor, really!

The team appreciated seeing before photos and then how the kids are doing now. It is a testimony of God's goodness, through and through!

We came home for some last moments with the kids at the home, and then had a farewell service.

Tomorrow, I get to go on safari with my friends. I hadn't planned on doing so, but they had invited me to join them and to lead the debriefing. Once the team leaves, I get to go on a short 2-day breakaway with Danette. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to simply being at the beach for 2 days!

I still have some things to finish before I can go to bed tonight... I'll be online again early next week. I am planning on taking a break from my computer this week.


  1. Enjoy your break! It is truly well-earned.

  2. proverbs 18:24 Danette,( a friend) "there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother" God knew all about this in His plan for you-Rest in Him and be refreshed. Love-mary

  3. Yes! Step away from the computer, Friend! I pray the two days feels multiplied in your spirit. Love you. Sorry I missed the chance to wish you happy birthday on the actual day, but God keeps bringing you to mind, so I've been praying for you a ton.