Monday, January 15, 2007

Simple math

Today, I had the chance to share at two ABFs (adult Bible fellowships) as well as with one family over lunch at their home. I really loved sharing with these groups about the work ELI is doing in Africa, to tell about life in Kenya and Sudan, and to invite them to be a part of it all. In fact, every time I tell about the work in Africa, I wish I could be back there! But not right now. For now, I still have a ways to go on support raising. I need another $1100pm to be at 100%. I truly have faith that God will bring it in, that more people will commit to support.

four more people commit to $100 per month
(or a one-time gift of $1,200)
eight people commit to $50 per month
(or a one-time gift of $600)
and fourteen people commit to $25 per month
(or a one-time gift of $300)
we'd be there!

Whoa! That seems simple! (Of course, the even simpler solution would be for 12 people to commit to $100/month, but I truly love that more people can be involved even through smaller amounts. In fact, I have a number of individuals who support me with $10/month, which I appreciate equally as much as the larger contributions.)

This week, the primary task on my to-do list is to send out a mass mailing to invite people to financial and prayer partnership. Please join me in praying for the remainder of the funding.

So it's snowing. I'm loving it! I asked Danette to drive me to church tonight, though, 'cause I don't feel as comfortable driving on icy roads with a little Chevy. A family at church has been graciously allowing me to use their extra vehicle, which has been a tremendous blessing. Anyway, point is, though, that I might be totally comfortable navigating muddy Kenyan roads in a Land Rover, but when it comes to ice, it's a different story, I think.

There's a good 3 to 6 inches of snow in the forecast for tonight. Even now, everything outside is white. Where it's typically dark out by early evening, it seems light out because of all the snow. Maybe I'll get out tomorrow and do some sledding. Or throw a snowball or two. One thing I'd love to do is to take some pictures in the snow and e-mail them to our orphanage office in Kenya. Our kids have never seen snow like this. They'd love it!

I miss the kids. A lot.

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