Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year

Tonight, we had friends over for an evening of simply visiting, eating, laughing. Time and again, people ask me, "Do you miss the food here in America? I bet you're enjoying having all this great food."

My answer? "Yes and no." Thing is, I do enjoy having lots of food that I don't get to enjoy in Kenya. I love being able to run to the grocery store and pick up fresh ingredients and whip together fun dishes! I love having meals at people's homes, or having friends come over with fun new dishes, and to try and figure out if I can make the same dishes in Kenya.

But that's not what I enjoy most about being in the US.

Nor is it being able to hop in the car and be at the movies in less than 5 minutes (rather than the more than 5 hours it takes to get to a movie in Nairobi...). You bet I have been enjoying some great movies while home, of which Happy Feet (at the IMAX!) was probably my season favorite. I can't wait to show it to the kids in Kenya!

The best thing about being home? Spending time with friends.

I have realized in the past month just how hard it's been not having close friends in Kenya. I'm still trying to figure out what changes will need to be made in terms of how I spend my time in Kenya. More time with the kids? More time at our second base at Kipkaren where there are other missionary friends who I can connect with? Keep a calendar of events to make sure I get out often enough? Not sure. Like I said, I'm still trying to figure that part out.

But for now, I am savoring every single moment with good friends. Laughing hard at Pam's hilarious stories. Cooking with Danette. Hanging out with Nan. Spending time with the Ya-Yas. Just being with my Cedar Rapids friends.

I've taken very few pictures. I have, however, started with the gargantuan task of sorting through my collection of digital work photos in order to have a better system going. That, in and of itself, is enough of a task to curb my photo taking. But then again, it has me itching to get back to Africa to take better pictures...

But I'm not ready yet to return. For one: I have a long way yet to go in terms of support raising! I have gotten good news that we finally have an online-giving system set up! I'll post a separate post on how to set up secure online giving.

But for now, sleep well. And a very blessed 2007 to you.

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