Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Joy of Remodeling

I'm at my friend Danette's house, and she's having some remodeling done. First, her hardwood floors were being redone, so before vacation we moved everything into 3 rooms. Once we got back last Tuesday, we could move SOME of the stuff back into their place, but not yet the living room furniture, because the floor guys had only done half of the living room floor (due to her baby grand piano having to be moved, and they didn't want to move it too soon onto the new floor.)

So, today they finally finished the last phase of getting the living room done. In two days' time, we can clean the walls and move back all the living room furniture to its rightful place. At that time, we can also move back all the spare bedroom furniture (and all my stuff that I'm storing at her house) from her room into the upstairs bedroom.

In the meantime, though everything was in place in my room (downstairs, on the main floor), I've since had to move stuff to the office and temporarily move into the basement because for the past two days people have been around putting in half a bathroom (toilet and sink) on the main floor. That means that they broke a wall into my room and into the kitchen. That meant lots and lots more dust!

Today, the plumber is working on putting in the toilet and sink. (More dust from having to drill through to the basement for the pipes.) Tomorrow, the builder will be coming to finish the dry wall. This means that my room is still a bit bare (except for the layer of dust on everything due to the wall being torn out). Once the plumber is done today, I think it would be safe to clean my room and move things back. Putting in the dry wall tomorrow shouldn't cause much dust in my room, I believe...

Next week sometime, we'd have to move all the office furniture to the living room (or to my room) so that the office floor can be done, and also the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms. But then it's all done. We're planning on having a New Year's party here, having good friends over to bring in 2007. It's only 3 weeks till then, eh??

But for now, what I'm looking forward to most today is
1. Getting a car (someone from church is lending me a vehicle, which I'm picking up this afternoon)
2. Getting together with friends for dinner at Panera's
3. SEEING THE LADIES AT TUESDAY NIGHT GROUP! I've really missed our Tuesday-night Bible study ladies. It'll be great to see everyone again!

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