Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's snowing outside. Just light snow, but snow, nevertheless. Perhaps when I get up in the morning, it will be all white outside. Soon, I'd have to find my snow boots, somewhere between my stuff somewhere in Danette's house.

Further to yesterday's remodeling post, the house is starting to look like a normal home, bit by bit. Perhaps we'd even be able to get a Christmas tree up this weekend. Perhaps I'd even be able to move into my room again and know where everything is.

I'm blessed to be able to help Danette during this time. I wouldn't want to be doing this job of moving and cleaning on my own! Plus it gives me something totally different to set my mind on... I've been meeting with a fair share of people and avoiding doing regular ELI work for the time being. Soon I'd have to get to it, though.

For now, I'll just appreciate the snow and the fact that I can go to cozy coffee shops and beautiful homes to visit with people about what God is going in Africa and in my life.


  1. Enjoy the snow for me too! We actually don't have any here! The weather is being crazy and staying above plenty above zero!
    Sending a hug.

  2. Laura, it seems like the warm weather of Helsinki has moved our way... :) It's been much warmer today and all the leftover snow and ice melted today. The warm weather was very welcome after we had wind chill of -13F yesterday (that's -25C!)