Friday, December 01, 2006

F-f-f-freezing cold

Tonight, the bustling city of Cedar Rapids had its annual Christmas Tree lighting. For the occasion, the Cedar Rapids Concert Chorale sang Christmas music. I went because Danette was singing, but when we got there, they asked if I'd sing, too. So there we were, huddled around a humungous tree. It was about 15 degrees (that's -9C!) but we're next to the river and the wind was blowing. I am certain that wind chill was at least what it was yesterday evening: 1 degree (that's -17C!!) Ouch, yes! By the time we were done (we only sang two carols and then "Oh Christmas Tree...") my cheeks were literally numb from the cold! (There were more choir members than townspeople.)

Tonight, we're supposed to have snow. I'm not planning on going anywhere tomorrow, other than to a friend's house for dinner. I'll take pictures if we actually do get snow.

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