Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I've been sharing at various church services and ABFs (Adult Bible Fellowships/Sunday school for grown-ups) recently, telling people about what God is doing in East Africa. It's been refreshing to step away and tell people about what's going on, yet also draining in a way. But tell, I'll tell. I'll boast in the Lord, because the good he has done cannot be left untold.

Right now, though, I'm heading to a place where I won't be doing much talking... the dentist's office. Hopefully, there's no work for him to do. Hopefully, I'll just get my teeth cleaned.

Then I'm off to Ely to meet someone from church, after which I'll see if I can get some work e-mails answered.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be heading to Kansas City for a 4-day retreat at the International House of Prayer. IHOP. Not the pancake place. I am looking forward to spending time away from the busy-ness of life in the US and simply focusing on God.

How's my support raising going? Thanks for asking. :) Slowly. Very slowly. I don't like asking for support. I have to remember that I'm inviting people to partnership, inviting them to be involved in what God is doing in Africa. But it's still not easy to ask. It's probably the part of being a missionary that I like the least.

On a different note: I just read another article on Blood Diamond, posted on World Vision's Web site. For my friends who are feeling like they have to hide their diamond rings now, don't worry... "Boycotting diamonds isn't the answer," World Vision says. The diamond mines in South Africa and surroundings provide a livelihood to thousands of people. Read the article to know what you're supposed to do then...

Off to the dentist. Open wide!


  1. Thanks for posting that article link. Interesting stuff!

  2. Have a GREAT time in IHOP (soon you'll see where we lived!) and may God give you more divine connections over there! Try Higher Ground coffees, sometimes they are better than Starbucks!

    I hope Blood Diamond makes it to Taiwan...