Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Wall

I'm wiped. Had a full and wonderful day. Still need to do writing tonight and prep for tomorrow, so a very quick update.

Went to the Great Wall today. Had a blast. My friends and I laughed, sang, goofed around, had serious conversations, were polite, learned lots, got sunburned . . . all on the Great Wall.

Then went to a place in the city to visit friends, and after that, had Peking Duck at a famous restaurant. Laughed more. Tried new things. Learned. Thought. Wondered. And got back on the bus for the last stop of the day: The Bird's Nest and the Water Cube, sites from the 2008 Olympics.

Kiptoo and Jeruto went along.

Here are some photos.

"Watch that you don't fall, Jeruto. It's steep!"

It wasn't a holiday, nor a weekend. Yet the wall was packed with tourists - mostly locals!
Yip, there's a Starbucks at the Great Wall!

Scott and Laura, classmates, with the Birds Nest and Water cube behind them
Me, at the Birds Nest.


  1. More great pics! This looks like great fun. :) Bringing back lots of memories of my trips to Beijing at the beginning and end of my year in Guangzhou with Vance, Marcia, Andrea and company. :)


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