Tuesday, March 31, 2009

There's something about libraries...

This morning, I hopped on the subway and headed over to TaiDa (or the National Taiwan University). Wondering if it's worth the time I'm spending on the commute, I decided to give it a try, nevertheless. I know I get far more done when I'm surrounded by other students who are focused on their work.

And today was no exception.

Tomorrow, I'm determined to come here again and continue to work on my paper. If I can sit here for a solid eight hours tomorrow, I'd be much, much closer to having yet another paper done. Maybe another eight hours here on Thursday and Friday...

I have choir rehearsal all of Saturday. And I rest on Sundays. On Monday, I might be able to do the last bit of work on the paper, then another choir rehearsal. Tuesday, it's time to pack for my 3-week trip to China. That evening, we have our choir concert. And by 4 am the next morning, I'll be off to Hong Kong to get a visa for China.

And then for the next few weeks, I'll be learning, observing, enjoying stimulating conversations with friends, walking on the Wall, visiting the Bird's Nest, the Terra Cotta Soldiers, even Shanghai. Trying to make my Taiwan-Chinese more understandable to Mainlanders, figuring out where China fits into the bigger picture of my dissertation. And then off to Shendzen to spend some time with my colleagues in the baby goods business. Getting to know them. Planning changes to the Web sites. Writing strategies for the way forward in terms of social marketing. Learning more. Being stretched. Growing.

But before that can happen, my current paper has to be done.

And so, tomorrow, I'll be back at the library to be inspired by the hundreds of studious college kids around me.

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  1. you'll be in the area, you should try that pearl milk tea in Gongguang! =)

    I wonder, are you pretty close to Yangmingshan where you are? Maybe you could take a bus up to Chinese Culture University and study in their library. You might be tempted to ditch your studies and go hiking though.