Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I've been learning about waiting. It's not an easy lesson to learn. It's not popular in our day and age to wait. We I want instant answers. But this is not a time of quick answers.

I was listening recently morning to a devotion about Advent and was reminded yet again of the sacrament of waiting.

"Waiting seems negative. Passive. Unexciting..." the speaker reminded me. "It is a time of reflection..."

This definitely has been a time of slowing down, of adjusting to life aK (after Kenya). I still think of the kids and staff in Kenya every day, about what they're probably doing, about adjustment even they are making.

I do have a job offer for a position that truly is perfect for me. But I cannot say anything more about it yet since I don't yet have the offer in writing. Can't tell you where it is, or when I'll start. I know, it's killing me. Not really, but it's really frustrating, to say the least. But at least I know that it really looks like I do have a job. Maybe. OK, more than maybe.

So, where am I?

I'm at the Eastern Iowa Airport, waiting to board a plane to Sacramento. I was able to come to the US since my job search did not include positions in Kenya, so it made no sense to stay there while waiting. And I am now heading to California to spend Christmas with my sister Liesl and her family. They recently moved to Davis, California, for Liesl's job.

So my little nieces are starting to talk with American accents. It's hilarious. At least, it is funny to me! I'll post photos when I'm at their place.

Speaking of things that are funny to me: I found this link on a blog I occasionally read. It's to singer/songwriter Dave Barnes' Christmas extravaganza. You really should check out Dave's regular site first so you'd hear what he really sounds like... This is his Christmas thing. It makes me laugh out loud, every time I watch it.

So, on this goofy note, I wish you a very merry Christmas. But I should post photos from California.

My plane's boarding. It was delayed by more than an hour due to the fuel freezing! It is bitterly cold in Iowa right now. I'm happy to go to balmy California, but happiest yet to spend time with family.

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