Thursday, November 06, 2008


I was thinking, some of you might be stopping by after the New Covenant missions update went out. Or if you just read the announcement in the bulletin about the changes in my life. And so that you don't have to browse through entries of the past few weeks or even try to read between the lines for entries never posted, here's the CliffsNotes version of the changes in my life:

I came to ELI three years ago, knowing that I'd be doing three things: Working with teams, doing communications for the ministry, and after a year, being involved in leadership training.

I come alive when I can converse with others about that which God is teaching us. Due to many, many cultural differences, the environment in which I have been for the past three years is not the best one to be having such conversations. And thus, bit by bit, the passion within me is quenched.

And as I embarked on continuing my education, God stirred up within me this passion for leadership development and mentoring. I came to a crossroads, knowing I had to be willing to be silent for another three years, or I needed to move to an environment where I could serve God with all that I am.

The choice was simple. I visited with the ELI board about moving on.

They fully understand my point of view, and my departure is in very good spirit from both sides. Like myself, they are excited to see me in an environment where I can once again thrive.

And so the journey continues. I've been talking with ministries in various parts of the world about opportunities to serve. Some of the conversations have been very exciting. Some have been challenging in the light of the current economic situation.

But through it all, I know that this is a journey God has me on. Over and over, he has been reminding me of his faithfulness, of my willingness to let go and simply surrender to him, to his purposes, to his plans. He has reminded me time and again from his Word that as I am crossing the waters, he will make the path before me wide, and make my steps firm. And with this same analogy of crossing a river on foot, He reminded me that it is a journey of utmost patience. Of concentration, even when you cannot see the other side of the river.

This past weekend, I spent time with ministry leaders and team members from one ministry I am interested in. Tomorrow, I will go to visit with leaders in a completely different part of this country. And earlier this evening, I had a very meaningful conversation with a different ministry about options in another part of the world.

As I head out tomorrow, I look forward to more time at God's feet, of listening, journaling, exploring, praying, reading. I shall be back on Tuesday and do not anticipate having an answer by then. I simply hope to have a bit clearer understanding on what my options are so that I can make an informed decision when the times comes to do so.

I wish it were simpler. But it's not. One thing is clear: God has reminded me that I can trust him. Even this morning, he reminded me of Ps. 62:7,

My salvation and my honor depend on God;
he is my mighty rock, my refuge.

For those of you who are financial supporters, you may still send support through ELI for the time being. I will contact you with specific details once I know more.

But for now, I simply have to
ask more,
listen more,
humble myself,

I am honored that you are a part of this journey.


  1. Excited for you and praying for you...


  2. I am a WOTH reader and a blogger myself. Serving and living in Lima, Peru. Took the challenge to read and comment on someone's blog. I will pray for you, dear sister as you follow the Lord to what is next. Beautiful to hear and see a little of your journey! I am praying for clarity and you spend time with the Lord!