Thursday, November 06, 2008


I met up with missionaries in Mombasa this weekend. We went to explore the coast one day, and took a dhow across to an island to snorkel. On our way to the island where we were to have lunch (for $10, we got fresh lobster, crab, and fish!) we passed bottle-nose dolphins. Some of us (including me) got to dive into the ocean and swim with the dolphins!

It was an incredible blessing to visit with these missionaries, to learn more about what they do and to consider how something similar might be part of my journey with God. God only knows!

What was even more incredible was to swim with wild dolphins within meters of me!

I thought these baobab trees along the coast were eerily beautiful. The local legend is that God planted these trees upside down... Some African legends also mention that after creation, God gave each of the animals one tree to plant, and the hyena planted his specimen upside down.

I loved this photo, of the sail boat in the distance, right through the rocks!

The island where we snorkeled. This area is part of Kisite Marine National Park, so the fish and coral life was quite amazing!

The dolphins... As I dove into the water, they were right underneath me!

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  1. Lovely pictures! I use to dive years ago and I loved it!

    Have a great night!