Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Things I look forward to about being in the States

There are so many things I'm looking forward to in the US:
  • Working on my dissertation. After basically not doing a ton of writing for the past year, I am more than ready to dig in and work hard at getting this done, and done well. I look forward to seeing the various experiences and ideas all come together...
  • Being with friends who've known me for a while, who've walked through my time in Kenya with me, who know me as more than a preschool teacher. Not just one or two, but a variety of friends from different walks of life
  • Talking long talks to these said friends about things we're all passionate about and being inspired and challenged by them
  • Getting face-to-face time with good friends rather than having to rely on Facebook, e-mail or Skype to interact with them
  • Having the freedom of driving my own car
  • The joy of a quick run to the grocery store, picking up ingredients to make a great salads and amazing dishes and enjoying these with good friends
  • Seeing a few good movies! Due to bizarre political issues, Indonesia rarely gets any current English movies
  • Sweet corn season in Iowa. I can eat Iowa sweet corn every single day. It's so good, I don't even add salt or butter. Just cook it for 5 minutes and that's it!
  • Sane traffic, and traffic rules that make sense to me... In Jakarta, much of the time on the road is spent taking obscure, roundabout routes for what could be a simple trip (e.g. in the US or in SA, the trip from the freeway exit to my house would include two simple right turns. Here, it is one left turn, two U-turns, and another left turn!)
  • Feeling safe when I cross a road on foot (the bizarre road rules here are to eliminate traffic lights which supposedly slow down traffic. However, imagine having to cross a 3-lane road on foot with a constant stream of trucks, buses, cars and scooters coming at you!
  • Going for early-morning walks with my friend Nan and her dog, Rocky. Enjoying open roads, fresh air, birds, no early-morning traffic, no early-morning humidity
  • Going to a great church with great friends and hearing nourishing, thought-provoking teachings
  • Going to a Beth Moore conference in Nebraska with friends
  • Taking in some other road trips from time to time
  • On days when I won't be in the library, writing, finding a cozy spot in one of many favorite coffee shops and reading
  • Taking a trip out West to see my sister and her family
  • Writing, writing, writing...
  • Somewhere along the way, finding out if the next season will mean I move to Malaysia or not
  • Getting my "cup" filled, and writing from a place of fullness
I'm sure I'll think of more...

Anything you miss where you are living now, or looking forward to having, should you be going on a trip home soon?

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