Sunday, November 05, 2006

Things I've had to get used to again this week (good, bad and indifferent)

  • Driving on the right side of the road
  • Toilet seat covers at public rest rooms
  • Turning on a tap and getting hot water, just like that :)
  • Being able to choose from a great variety of places to eat
  • Looking like the people around me
  • Having many friends around
  • Having no cell phone!
  • Lots of really big cars around (I keep thinking, wow, how would those cars handle in Kenya!)
  • Great roads!
  • Variety (Thai food, Chinese food, fast food, lots of food!)
  • Self-service gas stations
  • Cheap gas (seriously! In Kenya, gas is almost $5/gallon)
  • Seeing (and smelling) the ocean
  • Being in small cars (as opposed to my Land Rover)
  • Hearing mostly English around me
  • Hearing traffic at night

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